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The Best Managed Cloud Hosting Solution.

Best managed cloud hosting services offered for our valuable customers powered by the best cloud management solutions.

Lets try to make best managed cloud hosting services easy to understand, its like having your own space on our dedicated servers which partitioned to multiples environments so while others may use the same virtual server your space is only yours and you don’t share your resources and your bandwidths like you do on shared hosting like greeting your own server and your own space which allows a high control and customization allows you even to change your server settings, install new software’s, add new users and even turn the server on or off when you need unlike the shared hosting which controls you, in general, VPS hosting is costing less than dedicated hosting or shared hosting and its still the good way when you want your own server space and your own server resources.

Explaining our best managed cloud hosting services

Let’s try to make it easier to understand. think about it as having a house with your family but there’s no walls so that means that you’re all using the same space and the same resources such as electricity and using unneeded space for nothing while you don’t need all of that space that’s a dedicated server now lets imagine that you could build a wall for the space you need and get that space to you so you can host someone for example such as users or make a door on it so you can lock the door while going out also using less electric or rescores that’s would be better for you since you don’t need all of the space that you used to had and that’s the cloud server, so cloud allows you to buy like a virtual space for yourself to put your goods in it with the amount of space you would need also it just costs what you need to use so you don’t pay for things that not necessary to you

With scalability: you can upgrade the cloud server with what you want and there`s no need for migraines data.

Performance: a cloud server comparing to a dedicated server.

our best managed cloud hosting services servers are surely better for you if you need enough amount of space since you can control it and run it on good server so you can get better performance also not everyone would be using his server in the same time so it gives more performance also you can manage it in a better way with a control panel on the internet

Operating system: you can freely choose which operating system you want.

We use the most reliable virtual environment.

KVM for Kernel-based virtual machine

it is a real server and virtual solution that gives you the value of a dedicated server and just the fraction of the cost…

the key advantage of KVM VPS servers comparing with the normal VPS server is the grade of virtualization

while most VPS is based on the OS grade virtualization where the main server OS is spawned across all VPS and therefore the kernel is shared between them it has something like a full virtualization where the entire Hardware is 100% simulated this gives you a dedicated virtual CPU of the master CPU in the main server and allows it to run any supported OS that’s how your going to have a guaranteed hardware allocation and being full free with OS at a much lower price as compared to the basic standard dedicated server solution

the KVM helps you to increase the disk space and your network I/O request processing speeds which much-improved performance and much higher speed

best managed cloud hosting

we definitely recommend KVM that’s why we’re using it because it’s virtual and gives you more flexibility…

with us each KVM (best managed cloud hosting services) is packed with its own server admin panel and the choices to use any operating system also a high performance admin panel at the sign up section which be downloaded and installed automatically each KVM also offers SSH full  route access a dedicated IP addresses and a package of a hosting tools also every KVM server is backed up 99% of your online uptime guarantee and its configured within 1 day of signing up and no extra prices beside our best price over the market share

also, we love that we create a weekly data backup and 24/7  support for you also some applications management is included as well

For more information feel free to contact us and we would welcome all of your questions.

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