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The social media company that is professional is necessary nowadays for your social media management because according to Google in DEC 2017 people are going to spend 5 years of their life using social media that’s by using 40 minutes on Facebook 35 minutes on YouTube and 15 minutes on Instagram every day on average,

our social media company is going to be responsible for building a great image of your company on social media,
You as a businessman you cant refuse not to be in touch with all of these target customers, we did some strategies with our social media experts and ranked some plans as a regular plan for a normal user that would be effective if you want to grow your business on the social media.
First one will optimize your content.. you have seen that before probably also we have many topics about how to optimize your content you can find it in the SEO section also you can read about it in many other blogs or on the YouTube but how should you create good content?

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Professional Brand Awareness on social media by our company

If you want to put your brand in the right place as thought leader in your major maybe you can just take a look at what the successful brands already doing but we have 3 tips to help you with that first would be that you should create 40% of your content and curate 60% of all posts that help you to focus on high-quality content and still maintain the consistency the second thing would be sharing power better than high quality, original and relevant you should also focus on share your content by tracking the most effective content which scored the most numbers of commenting, likes and shares go back to your workstation and curate new topics with the same elements, mostly the positive content and the trending topics are the most effective so you can try to use it by including it to your post somehow, using a tool like Feedly should help you with finding and organizing RSS feeds that are relevant to your business once you find the topics you will be able to decide which one affected the most also you can automate delivery using status brew tool built by the best professional social media marketing company.

The second strategy is how to customize and arrange your posts for us we have groups of experts for startups also you should choose carefully what kind of content you would like to engage with also try not to hijack conversations which takes us to the next point define your styles and principles and stick to them, if you are funny while engaging don’t turn to scientific speech, if you post 5 pictures per day don’t spend 5 days without posting anything because consistency is a key here.. you can use tools like Hootsuite listening to and tracking many social media accounts at the same time.

Now we can talk about tackle influencer marketing… that’s something we expect it will dominate the market in the future and a cheap way to gain scale influencer marketing is to use the influencers to market your brand and you probably have seen that before with influencers and while choosing influencers choose them because there engagement is high not because they have too many followers so you can choose a twitter profile which has 50k of followers while there’s no engagement the engagement is a really better metric to define a real influencer also you can use them for doing your homework like asking them about your brand what makes them would like to use your brand and what makes it better and be prepared to pay to them which takes us to the next strategy.. which is

Prepare to spend money on social media marketing…

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Platforms such as Google, Facebook, and Twitter recently updated there apps to make it easier to get a space in your customer timeline but before paying you should know where you are paying anything and how to target your audience and with what words also which content will be suitable for them and that’s what our social media experts will help you with.

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After all of that, we would like if you join us today…

We BZ9 provide your product or service social media marketing on various social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn which enables you to reach millions of targeted audiences through:

Manage company pages on social networking sites
Make a plan with marketing content
Paid Ads
Analyzes and reports

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