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4 Stages of website design services

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The first stage in website design services is Initial design

In this phase, there are two choices for the client, or actually two cases, some customers do not have any knowledge or background about the websites or how they work. In this case, the client only explains the idea of ​​his business and the commercial activity, the desired goals, and all the services that he wishes to provide through the website. Then the team will develop a preliminary design for the site and presentation to the client to discuss the strengths and weaknesses, and points of agreement and disagreement with the perception in the customer’s mind.

The second case: the customer has some information and background about websites design, even if it is simple knowledge about the websites and mechanism of work; this simple knowledge enables the client to develop a preliminary conception of the design of the site, and then the team translates this perception through programming and coding.

website design services

The second phase in website design Coding and programming

 Once the team has agreed with the client on the content of the initial design of the site, this marks the beginning of the next phase of the website design service. This stage is in the process of encoding and programming the site. In this stage, the customer can request what he wants in programming. The nature of dealing with the site, such as ease and simplicity in the control panel, is what the client will get after the completion of the programming process with many of the features that guarantee him later not reprogramming some of the particles.

The third phase in website design services is pre-delivery (trial run)

 In this phase of the website design services and before the delivery date 7 days, the team works with the client to test the programming and design of the site and make sure that everything in the site works properly, and also make sure to add all the observations requested by the client in the previous stage such as ease of dealing with the site And simplicity in the control panel, and at this stage also there is the possibility of adding any ideas discovered by the client or team, and these ideas that may appear after the experimental operation of the site.

The fourth stage in website design Delivery

 The final stage in the website design services is delivery, where the project or design of the site is completed and handed over to the customer. The delivery process includes explaining each part of the site and the working method on the control panel.

However, the approach of most professional website design firms is that the company’s relationship with the customer does not end with the completion of the fourth phase. The project is delivered. These companies provide maintenance and technical support services, as well as taking the necessary measures to ensure the success of the site. Devices such as a computer, mobile phone, and tablet, and also compatibility with the famous search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing, and of course provide SEO service.

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