website design and development services

The future of website design and development services

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In this article we will explain what is website design and development services with difference between them.

What is the difference between web design and development?

In fact, it is a very important question for every novice, employer or business and wants to take the first steps toward cyberspace. In this article, we will try to clarify the difference between them and what are the benefits of each service, whether designing or developing websites, we recommend you our website design and development services for a responsive secure website.

website design and development services

Web Design service

Web Design takes care of all the graphics on the website, with a layout for each page, as well as formatting all images, icons, banners, etc.

It is worth noting that web design is currently based on the development of the CSS style codes, which are designed and divided entirely based on this language only. Currently, all sites are divided by div as the main building unit instead of the tables used in web design I have been immersed in the world of modern web design.

New science in Web design, design and planning of information and how to draw a navigation system within the site, has recently emerged, leading to the emergence of Web 3.0.

In line with the above, the web design team of professional web design companies includes two important functions:

The first is the graphic-only function and all that is related to the images, icons and final form (Layout).

The second function is the code development, called Coder, which involves translating the design into CSS and XHTML codes.

What should be available in a web designer?

The web designer should be familiar with HTML – XHTML – CSS – JavaScript

It has the ability to make DHTML applications

As for the programs, it is essential and important ability to use Photoshop professionally, in addition, knowing how to use Dreamweaver.

Sure, as the web designer mastered more languages and programs, it was a great and powerful addition, like Illustrator, Fireworks, and ImageReady

Web Development service

The service is mainly concerned with programming and is more complex than web design. Development depends on programming languages like PHP, Python, ASP, Perl, and may be difficult to understand.

The development of sites and forums many foundations and these foundations vary from time to time depending on the techniques that appear and developments in the programmatic and other aspects by our website design and development services.

1 – Clarifying the purpose of the site, and clarify what will be displayed on the pages of the site, because that has a significant impact on the way the design and programming.

2 – Style: It depends on the request of the customer the owner of the site or the designer’s design, but must take into account several things in the style of the site, is that the objective of the site is apparent and can be derived from the first sight, and to be simple, does not distract the user, and minimizes colors as much as possible.

3- User experience: One of the things that is overlooked by many in the field of programming and web design, is that there are things that the user implicitly from the previous experience in dealing with different sites, such as places of some icons such as the home page and the search box, which is always at the top of the page.

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